BirdLife Partners - Asia

The BirdLife Partnership in Asia is active in 16 countries through national grassroots membership NGOs and country programmes (BirdLife in Indochina), and supports project work in countries currently not represented in the BirdLife network. In 2004 the Partnership published a directory documenting 2,293 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the 28 countries and territories in the Asia region. Further IBAs have since been identified in a number of national and provincial directories, including the first inventory of sites of conservation importance in mainland China. IBAs are the focus of the BirdLife Asia Partnership’s site, species and habitat conservation work, and their work with local communities. Many Asian countries are experiencing dynamic economic growth, which is putting unprecedented pressure on the continent’s natural environment and biodiversity. Between 2013 and 2020, the BirdLife Asia Partnership aims to save at least 50% of the highly threatened IBAs across Asia from damaging development.