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Haribon Foundation

Mission of the organisation

Haribon is a membership organisation committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence.

Key Activities

Haribon hopes to attain this vision by:

  • Strengthening community-based resource management through community organizing, sustainable livelihood development, and community empowerment
  • Building a broad constituency for biodiversity conservation through membership development, communication and public awareness raising, alliance building and networking, and advocacy
  • Conducts scientific and developmental and participatory research studies using globally- and locally-accepted standards for biodiversity conservation
  • Establishing an education and training institution on natural resource management with world-class standards
  • Strengthening the institution through staff development, upgrade of facilities, establishment of “Pugad” Haribon or Haribon house, and by continuously improving its policies and procedures
  • Developing proactive and responsive policy advocacy mechanisms
  • Developing financial sustainability mechanisms

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