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NatureLife Cambodia

NatureLife Cambodia is a national conservation organization, established with support from BirdLife International and financial support from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. NatureLife was founded with 12 members, of whom 10 were former BirdLife in Cambodia core staffs. All enthusiastic founders have in common the strong conviction that BirdLife’s mission, “ To conserve the biodiversity by managing natural resources sustainably for the benefit of all”, can be implemented by Cambodians.

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“After more than 15 years led BirdLife Programme in Cambodia, I have the ambition to lead a first national conservation NGO to conserve the wildlife and its habitat”

Mr. Bou Vorsak (CEO of NatureLife)

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“I am proud to be a member of NatureLife, I am happy to spend my free time to work as a volunteer and amaze with NatureLife’s conservation efforts”

Ms. Morn Sreykouch, member and volunteer of NatureLife Cambodia.