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We are incredibly grateful to our donors for their support of BirdLife, enabling us to continue our vital work and protect birds and biodiversity.

Read below why some of these friends choose BirdLife, and what it means to them. 


“People who love nature understand that nature knows no borders: BirdLife is an organization that truly recognizes and lives that, safeguarding flyways across countries and continents, and collaborating with local partners across the world to protect birds and nature. As a concerned global citizen, BirdLife speaks to me and for me, and I am proud to be a BirdLife supporter.”

Mahima Sukhdev, BirdLife Advisory Group

“Being part of the BirdLife family has given me a whole new way of engaging my passion for birds and birdwatching  — supporting their work connects me to birds and conservation around the world. BirdLife and its partners foster the power of grassroots on a global basis, inspire advocacy, and through science, bring hope to a species that touches our soul”

Deb Rivel, BirdLife Advisory Group

“Many of us worry about the state of the natural environment and the world we are leaving to our grandchildren. Since our own childhoods, the abundance of wildlife has fallen sharply, and the human pressure on it continues to grow. Supporting BirdLife International and the great work it does is one practical way to do something about that.”

Graham and Toyoko Fry, Rare Bird Club members

“BirdLife International is a hidden gem in the  conservation world. With 115 partners worldwide it is able to pool the best science so that (hard-earned) funds are disbursed prudently and best practice can be used in dealing with Governments and other stakeholders. I have been happy to donate knowing that my grandchildren will be able to enjoy the natural world as I have done.”

Geoff Ball, BirdLife Advisory Group and Rare Bird Club member

“I really love BirdLife’s unique approach to conservation and the biodiversity crisis: world-class science and a powerful understanding of policy is combined with the grassroots power of passionate local organisations spread across the globe. Truly inspirational.”

Dale Forbes, BirdLife Advisory Group

“I have become convinced over my past twenty-year involvement that BirdLife is the best and most cost-effective bird and nature conservation organization in the world! This is due to its unique combination of top-notch science and the very passionate BirdLife Partnership with Partners in 115+ countries…..providing an extremely impactful local-to-global approach to conservation.”

Ben Olewine IV, Founder Patron and BirdLife Advisory Group

Trusts and foundations

Aage V Jensen Charity Foundation

“The vision of our Foundation is to give everybody the chance to experience a rich and varied nature – today and in the future.  Our long-term support to BirdLife International is helping us to make that vision a reality.  Together, we are protecting some of the world’s unique and irreplaceable landscapes, helping the people and wildlife that live in these to thrive.  

Across every continent, our projects are raising awareness of the many threats facing species and landscapes and are making progress in addressing those threats at every level.  We greatly appreciate the effort, work and dedication that BirdLife International has put into fulfilling the many projects that the Foundation has supported and are immensely proud of the achievements we have made together. “

Mette Skov, Director, the Aage V Jensen Charity Foundation.

Ecological Restoration Fund (ERF)

The Ecological Restoration Fund (ERF) supports work that protects biodiverse hotspots, rejuvenates degraded landscapes and promotes local environmental activism. They are committed to re-establishing nature’s essential interconnections while fostering cultural, social and economic opportunities for the communities inhabiting those landscapes.

The new Fund will be supporting an ambitious programme of work for migratory birds and key wildlife habitats down the African-Eurasian Flyway, in collaboration with RSPB and in-country partner organisations. Stretching from the Arctic to southern Africa, new priority sites and landscapes along this vital global Flyway are being identified and work upscaled in key locations, at the same time as preparing for transformative investment to benefit nature, people and climate.

Corporate sponsors

Heidelberg Materials

“As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials Heidelberg Materials acknowledges the impact on biodiversity through land-use change. We recognize the huge opportunities of dynamic management during the active phase of a quarry and habitat creation at the end of life. We want to positively impact biodiversity by capitalizing on new opportunities for species conservation. Since 2011, our partnership with BirdLife International has been instrumental to this goal as it has initiated above 40 projects in our sites all over the world.

BirdLife has become a fundamental part of our biodiversity strategy. Supporting their Spring Alive project goes beyond our corporate borders and shares the message of the importance of nature with future generations. We believe that it is vital for businesses to work with NGOs and governments towards our common goal of reversing the threats of biodiversity loss and climate change”

Jon Morrish, Board Member responsible for Environmental Social Governance, and Western and Southern Europe at Heidelberg Materials  

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