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Giving the next generation of conservationists an effective voice is vital in the fight to save the planet, and their opinions, influence and role are being fully embraced by BirdLife through the creation of a new youth programme

With the generous support of Erasmus+, and Canon, BirdLife International have launched an exciting new initiative to connect young people globally and empower them to become advocates for nature.

The initiative launched in September 2022, with over 30 young people gathered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, to discuss and debate how to better engage their peers in the fight to save the planet and integrate their generations perspective into the current governance, communications, and advocacy of BirdLife.

The youth programme will involve three levels of engagement:

Local Youth Networks: These networks will engage in active local conservation work including volunteering, birdwatching events, communications campaigns, and advocacy.

National Representatives: Nominated by BirdLife Partners, these young people will lead the establishment of local youth networks and connect globally on region wide conservation action.

BirdLife Youth Council: With two young people representing every region, the BirdLife Youth Council will share their recommendations with BirdLife International to enhance BirdLife’s engagement with young people and ensure that their voice is included in the conservation work of the organisation.

Where are we now?

BirdLife, together with the project partners and youth leaders, are currently focused on building the foundations of the national representatives group. This will culminate in a one-week training hosted by BirdLife Romania and Station Europe in April 2023.

Our next steps are to launch the first call for the BirdLife Youth Council and continuing to build engagement across our regions with the programme.

Its time for action!

Governments need to protect nature not just for ourselves, but for all the generations that will come. It’s their future at stake. Our youth leaders sent these strong messages calling for world leaders to take action to protect nature at Cop15.

Project Partners

The European participation in the BirdLife Youth programme is currently funded by Erasmus+ led by BirdLife Malta and including Station Europe, the Romanian Ornithological Society (BirdLife Romania, SOR) and the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (BirdLife Poland, OTOP).

International participation is funded by Canon who have supported youth leaders nominated by the following BirdLife Partners: Aves Argentina, Guyra Paraguay, Malaysian Nature Society, Haribon Foundation, Nature Society Singapore, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Palau Conservation Society, Te Ipukarea Society and Bombay Natural History Society.

Interested in becoming a Youth Leader? Drop us a note.

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