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We support the work of over 2 million volunteers, conservationists and scientists around the world. Help us to help them.

Your support is critical to ensure that BirdLife International can continue its work, delivering high impact and long-term conservation for both people and nature.

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Stand against illegal killing

Imagine a world where the sky is empty of enchanting melodies. This haunting vision is rapidly becoming a reality, as one in eight bird species face extinction. Illegal bird killing is one of the factors driving these extinctions.

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Join a worldwide community of people who care about birds and conservation, and help to make a real difference


Have birds and nature inspired you throughout your life? Their future can be your legacy.

Species Champion

Do your part to protect a globally threatened bird that means the most to you.

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We are incredibly grateful to our donors for their support of BirdLife, enabling us to continue our vital work and protect birds and biodiversity.

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