Green Pheasant © HIH Princess Takamado
01 Mar 2020

The Green Pheasant, the National Bird of Japan

”Through the Lens”, Fujingaho Magazine, March, 2020
Birdwatchers' sightings were found to be an accurate way to measure bird populations © Nicolas Mirguet / Flickr
19 Feb 2020

15,000 birdwatchers contribute to first major report on India’s birds

The first ever full report on the state of India’s birds was released this week, made using data collected from over 15,000 birdwatchers across the country. Increases in Indian Peafowl and declines in raptors are among the major findings.
A global map of animal migrations
13 Feb 2020

How we’re connecting the dots at the Convention on Migratory Species

This month, BirdLife is attending a major global conference uniting governments, NGOs and scientists to advance the protection of migratory species. Find out how this powerful collaboration works, and BirdLife’s aims this year.
Long-tailed Tit © HIH Princess Takamado
01 Jan 2020

The Special Way Long-tailed Tits Bring Up Their Chicks

”Through the Lens”, Fujingaho Magazine, January, 2020
Autumn is both rice harvesting season and migration season for Yellow-breasted Bunting © oLDcaR
18 Dec 2019

Bringing the ‘rice bird’ back to Hong Kong

The Yellow-breasted Bunting used to flock in its thousands across Asia’s paddy fields. Now, due to hunting and changes in farming practices, it is Critically Endangered. A new project is bringing rice paddies back to Hong Kong, along with the birds that depend on them.
© Pavel Tomkovich

Will you help us secure a future for the next generation of Spoon-billed Sandpipers?

© zilkovec / Shutterstock
18 Dec 2019

Making Japan’s expanding renewable energy sector bird-safe

Like many countries, Japan is making great strides in renewable energy – but at what cost? BirdLife supports sustainable energy sources – but it’s important to locate structures like wind farms out of harm’s way. Read how our Japanese Partner is using science and advocacy to change national decisions.
Indian Skimmers © Dhairya Jhaveri
17 Dec 2019

Meet the river guardians watching over Indian Skimmers’ besieged nests

In India, an innovative community conservation experiment is helping to safeguard the globally threatened Indian Skimmer’s nesting colonies from free-ranging dogs and trampling cattle.
Straw-headed Bulbul pair © Pixabay
16 Dec 2019

A new action plan to keep the Straw-headed Bulbul singing

Captured from the wild for its beautiful voice, the Straw-headed Bulbul is now Critically Endangered. But at its final stronghold in Singapore, a new collaboration between NGOs, governments and businesses could help it to stage a comeback.
Common Kestrel © HIH Princess Takamado
01 Nov 2019

A Bird Preens Its Feathers

“Through the Lens”, Fujingaho Magazine, November, 2019
Flores Island, Indonesia © Toni Wöhrl
30 Oct 2019

Indonesia’s sustainable candlenut farms: lighting the candle of innovation

Mbeliling forest in Flores, Indonesia is home to a wealth of wildlife including the Komodo Dragon. Our ‘mbelievable’ investment in micro-finance, community ownership and agroforestry is ensuring this unique landscape keeps blooming in the future.

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