An artist's impression of the new marmoset species, 'Mico munduruku' © Stephen Nash
09 Aug 2019

New monkey species discovered in rapidly-deforested area of Amazon

The marmoset was discovered in the south-west of Pará State in Brazil, Amazon’s ‘arc of deforestation’. The researcher who lead the study warns that we already need to be concerned about its survival.
18 Jul 2019

Photo Essay: Audubon's 2019 photography awards

Audubon has announced the winners of it's 2019 Photography competition. See the stunning photos.
16 Jul 2019

More than 10 years conserving natural grasslands

In the southern cone of South America lies a beautiful and unique stretch of lowlands, covered in rolling prairie grasses and rich in wildlife. These are the Pampas.
16 Jul 2019

Más de 10 años conservando los pastizales naturales

La región del Cono Sur de Sudamérica alberga un área de pastizales naturales únicos en el mundo por su gran riqueza en biodiversidad.
Rock iguanas mostly eat plants, fruit and flowers © Sarah Havery
16 Jul 2019

Welcome to Iguana island: the land where reptiles rule

The Turks & Caicos Islands harbour two remaining strongholds for an endemic, Critically Endangered rock iguana, under threat from invasive mammals and development. Now a partnership of NGOs is working hard to ensure the ‘Iguana Island’ remains worthy of its name.

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08 Jul 2019

Nuevo récord en la Reserva Laney Rickman

Un número récord de pichones de la críticamente amenazada Paraba Barba Azul volaron de las cajas nidos en la Reserva Laney Rickman de la Asociación Armonía. Tras el período de reproducción 2018-2019 doce pichones volaron de nuestros nidos, aumentando a 81 el número total de pichones incorporados a la población adulta que no excede los 450 individuos maduros en la vida silvestre.
03 Jul 2019

Record number of Blue-throated Macaw chicks fledged

A record number of Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw chicks fledged from nest boxes at a reserve in Bolivia this past year. This resulted in a total of 81 juvenile Blue-throated Macaws joining the wild adults, a significant addition to a species population that is estimated not to exceed 450 individuals.
21 Jun 2019

After the storm: can this rediscovered bird recover?

Amongst the destruction and tragedy on Grand Bahama caused by Hurricane Matthew, there is an untold story of a rediscovered bird. But with a potential population of just two, can the Bahama Nuthatch recover?
29 May 2019

Obituary: Celso Rocha de Oliveira 1958-2019

A strong promoter of Hookpod trials and member of the Albatross Task Force in Brazil has passed away.
10 May 2019

First Blue-eyed Ground-dove chick recorded

In great news for the Critically Endangered species, a chick has been seen close to fledging.
© Shutterstock

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