Cerulean Warbler © Ray Hennessy / Shutterstock
10 Oct 2019

A bolt from the blue: the mysterious recovery of the Cerulean Warbler

A globally threatened bird with habitats shrinking at both ends of its migration route, the Cerulean Warbler’s population plummeted by 70% in 44 years. Now, its decline is slowing down – but why? We have a few theories…
© Imran Shah
03 Oct 2019

Águila Real anida en Sierra de Cucupe, Sonora

A cuatro años de que se le colocó un transmisor satelital a un aguilucho hembra de Águila real (Aquila chrysaetos); este ejemplar fue visto durante un monitoreo de seguimiento en la Sierra de Cucurpe, a 3 kilómetros de Cerrito blanco. Los expertos identificaron que el ave estableció su zona de anidación en el área, y que actualmente se encuentra en etapa reproductiva.
Grey-headed Albatross pair at Diego Ramírez archipelago, Chile © Cristián G. Suazo
25 Sep 2019

Chile announces vital new regulations to protect seabirds

At the end of last month, the Chilean Government took a vital and welcome step towards saving thousands of seabirds from being needlessly killed in their trawl fisheries by introducing new regulations making the use of mitigation measures mandatory.
Evening Grosbeak © Jay McGowan, Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
19 Sep 2019

America’s 3 billion missing birds: where did they go?

A new study shows that the USA and Canada have lost more than a quarter of their birds over the past 50 years. This massive reduction in abundance involves hundreds of species, from beloved backyard songbirds to long-distance migrants. So what’s going on?
© Mironov / Shutterstock
27 Aug 2019

"Our forests are dying" - here's our manifesto

You have probably heard the devastating news about the fires currently destroying the Amazon rainforest – the result of forest protection laws being rapidly dismantled. BirdLife has joined 48 other NGOs demanding immediate and lasting action from the governments of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

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An artist's impression of the new marmoset species, 'Mico munduruku' © Stephen Nash
09 Aug 2019

New monkey species discovered in rapidly-deforested area of Amazon

The marmoset was discovered in the south-west of Pará State in Brazil, Amazon’s ‘arc of deforestation’. The researcher who lead the study warns that we already need to be concerned about its survival.
18 Jul 2019

Photo Essay: Audubon's 2019 photography awards

Audubon has announced the winners of it's 2019 Photography competition. See the stunning photos.
16 Jul 2019

More than 10 years conserving natural grasslands

In the southern cone of South America lies a beautiful and unique stretch of lowlands, covered in rolling prairie grasses and rich in wildlife. These are the Pampas.
16 Jul 2019

Más de 10 años conservando los pastizales naturales

La región del Cono Sur de Sudamérica alberga un área de pastizales naturales únicos en el mundo por su gran riqueza en biodiversidad.
Rock iguanas mostly eat plants, fruit and flowers © Sarah Havery
16 Jul 2019

Welcome to Iguana island: the land where reptiles rule

The Turks & Caicos Islands harbour two remaining strongholds for an endemic, Critically Endangered rock iguana, under threat from invasive mammals and development. Now a partnership of NGOs is working hard to ensure the ‘Iguana Island’ remains worthy of its name.
© Shutterstock

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Who we are

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