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Bahamas National Trust (BNT)

The Bahamas National Trust are the caretakers, protectors, and voice of The Bahamas’ most precious natural resource, its unique and diverse national park system.

For over sixty years, the BNT has led conservation efforts in The Bahamas through robust educational initiatives, impactful scientific research, and award-winning national park management.

“For more than sixty years, the BNT has been managing national parks that serve as refuges for vulnerable species of birds and their critical habitats. Through sustained conservation efforts we have brought several species from the brink of extinction such as the West Indian Flamingo and the Bahama Parrot. It is these conservation successes that inspire me every day, working with a team of dedicated, passionate conservation warriors to ensure birds get the conservation attention they deserve.”

Eric Carey, BNT Executive Director

Eric Carey, BNT Executive Director
Scott Johnson, Wildlife Biologist and BNT Science Officer
“Thanks to BNT, Bahamian scientists like myself were able to receive the training and experience necessary to promote wildlife conservation in The Bahamas and encourage conservation stewardship in our country”

Scott Johnson, Wildlife Biologist and BNT Science Officer

“Working in bird conservation at the BNT after the onslaught of Hurricane Dorian has driven me to help others recognize the value of nature. These species and spaces won’t be here if we don’t help others see how much we depend on nature and how much nature depends on us.”

Bradley Watson, BNT Avian Science Officer

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