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Aves Argentinas

Aves Argentinas works to support more than 1000 species of wild birds and their habitats through projects and actions for conservation, research, education and outreach, carried out together with researchers, technicians, a wide network of volunteers and more than 80 Bird Watchers’ Clubs.

We protect biodiversity’s key sites, promoting public policies and encouraging the creation of protected areas such as urban reserves and National Parks.

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“In Aves Argentinas I have found a family that shares my love for nature. Being a volunteer is my way of contributing to the protection of birds and helping other people to get closer to our precious ecosystem. To me, spreading this information is both a necessary and a noble task!”

Estefany Contreras, Communication volunteer

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Aves Argentinas, BirdLife Partner, Hernan Casanas
“Birds are indicators of the health of the environment in which we live. If birds are well, people are also well. Biodiversity conservation is in our hands”

Hernán Casañas, CEO Aves Argentinas