Climate Change

  • BirdLife International delivers ground-breaking research on the causes of the greenhouse effect, the impacts of climate change and global warming on biodiversity, to inform better decisions on the ground.
  • By working to conserve and manage forests, peatlands and other habitats, BirdLife’s Partnership of 119 national organisations is helping to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • BirdLife supports renewable energy deployment and delivers solutions to governments, investors and developers to ensure these do not negatively impact nature.
  • Our work shows that supporting community engagement and action can build the resilience of natural and societal systems.
  • BirdLife advocates for the importance of healthy ecosystems to be recognised in national, regional and international climate change and development policy.

Climate change is happening, it is largely caused by human activities, and it presents a serious threat to nature and people now, and in the future. Without ambitious mitigation efforts, global temperature rise this century could exceed 4 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, with catastrophic impacts.

Climate change and global warming have profound implications for BirdLife International’s conservation priorities and approaches. It affects the populations and distributions of species, the composition of ecological communities, and nature’s provision of goods and services – such as food, fuel and clean water. Climate change also compounds other major threats to biodiversity, such as invasive alien species, habitat fragmentation and overexploitation. 


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