5 Apr 2011

Penguin rehab updates

By Katrine Herian

A penguin rehab centre was set up after a wrecked cargo ship spilt 800 tonnes of fuel oil into the sea at the heart of one of the most important breeding colonies in the world of Northern Rockhopper, a globally Endangered penguin.

As of 5 April 3,662 oiled penguins have been collected and admitted to the rehab centre since the first batch of 500 were admitted on 23rd March. 373 have died. There is a huge ongoing effort to save as many oiled penguins as possible

On this page you can follow progress - we'll keep adding updates direct from the team working to save the oiled penguins. 3 April The first 24 penguins have been released back to sea. 24 penguins represents just 0.66 % of the total number of oiled penguins admitted to for rehab so far. 23 March 500 oiled penguins are collected from the colonies and taken to a newly created rehab centre. The RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) have started the Nightingale Island disaster fighting fund. Your donation will be used to help the penguins and other wildlife affected by the oil. Your support will also be used to fund follow-up monitoring and to assess the full impact of this disaster.