Climate Change

  • Climate change poses new challenges to BirdLife’s approaches to conserving species and Important Bird Areas. 

  • By conserving and managing forests, peatlands and other habitats, BirdLife is reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

  • BirdLife’s experience shows that supporting local knowledge and community engagement builds the resilience of natural and social systems.

  • BirdLife calls for the importance of healthy ecosystems to be written into national, regional and international climate change and development policy.

BirdLife International’s climate change programme is furthering research, analysis and understanding of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. We advocate ambitious policy responses needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change, that fully recognises the role of ecosystems. We support renewable energy development, but work to ensure that this does not happen at the expense of biodiversity and ecosystems, and call for developments to apply robust safeguards and stringent technical and policy guidelines. 

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