Carlos Manuel Rodríguez (GEF) sharing his insight from Latin America © BirdLife
07 Jul 2020

How do we push forward a Green Recovery in a post-COVID world?

The first of BirdLife's new Green Recovery Webinar Series convened high-profile speakers for a daring discussion on the future of our planet
Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) © Emilie Chen
03 Jul 2020

Eight years in the Eastern Afromontane: a conservation milestone

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) programme in the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot ended on 31 March 2020. We look back at some of the highlights of this programme in the past eight years.
30 Jun 2020

Wetlands ablaze: oil well leak causes major environmental incident in Assam

A major gas leak and blowout at the Baghjan oil field, in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, has severely damaged the nearby wetlands of Maguri-Motapung and polluted the tributaries of the Brahmaputra River, as well as adjacent areas of the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park.
Lappet-faced Vulture © Ben Jobson
23 Jun 2020

How Kenya is healing toxic relationship between vultures and people

With their hunched posture, bald heads and their use in cartoons to represent opportunistic greed, vultures are arguably the most misunderstood scavengers. Humans have long considered them to be the outcasts of the animal kingdom, and due to their association with death, they are feared and reviled. Yet, their swift response means carcasses are picked clean before disease particles can take hold.
Tristan Albatrosses performing their courtship dance © Nick Holmes / RSPB
19 Jun 2020

Why we’re celebrating the first ever World Albatross Day

Today, BirdLife is delighted to be part of the first ever World Albatross Day. But why is it so important that we raise awareness of this group of birds? Find out what makes them special, the threats they face, and how you can help.
Knobbed Hornbill, BirdLife International

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White-rumped Vulture © Deepak Sankat
16 Jun 2020

Latest research: vulture and ibis recovery, Amazon hotspot in peril

The world may have ground to a halt during the COVID-19 crisis, but researchers around the globe are still writing and publishing papers on key scientific discoveries. Here are three recent highlights from across the Birdlife Partnership.
Awatef fording a river during fieldwork © Louis Marie Préau
09 Jun 2020

Awatef Abiadh named 'Hotspot Hero' for inspirational

The Tunisian conservationist, based at LPO (BirdLife in France), has been recognised by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund for her contribution to conservation in the Mediterranean.
09 Jun 2020

The conservation disruption: when Covid struck

How do you count birds if you’re not allowed to leave your home? How do you ensure threatened species are alive and breeding when your whole country is under lockdown? And how do you fight the illegal killing of animals when all of law enforcement is focusing on the health crisis?
El Rincon Stream Frog © H. Povedano
04 Jun 2020

Announcing 2020's Conservation Leadership Programme winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 Conservation Leadership Programme Team Awards. This year's award-winning projects will help make great strides towards saving a wide diversity of threatened species across the world.
04 Jun 2020

There is no place for racism in birding

In response to the incident in New York involving birder Christian Cooper, and ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations in USA and worldwide – as well as in encouragement of the first #BlackBirdersWeek – BirdLife staff based in the UK, Senegal & Kenya voice their reflections and advice as birders.

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Great Indian Bustard © Nayan Khanolkar
02 Jun 2020

Great Indian Bustard gets new level of protection

For the world’s heaviest flying bird, the modern landscape poses many threats and dangers. Fortunately, early this year, major landmarks decided at the Convention on Migratory Species secured greater protection for the species, both on land and in the air.
Invest positively in Invest positively in forest landscapes for people and wildlife to thrive © BirdLife environment for people and wildlife to thrive © BirdLife
28 May 2020

The future of forest conservation goes digital

With many countries in lockdown, conservationists are finding new ways to fight deforestation and support communities that live in tropical forest landscapes. BirdLife’s Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator is back for 2020 and kicks things off at a ground-breaking digital conference
Collared Brown Lemur © Belinda Bertrand / Flickr
26 May 2020

New research station protects Madagascar forest from the inside out

Geographical isolation and rugged terrain have given rise to astounding wildlife within Madagascar’s Tsitongambarika Forest, but have also made it difficult to reach and protect – until recently. Introducing Ampasy Research Station: a hub for community support and enabling forest conservation from the inside out.
21 May 2020

CEO speech on International Day of Biodiversity: ‘the realisation’

On International Day of Biodiversity 2020, BirdLife CEO Patricia Zurita explains why a healthy planet should be a new human right.
A quintet of warblers by George Boorujy, Photo © Mike Fernandez
19 May 2020

Inner-city wildlife: feast your eyes on the stunning Audubon mural project

Since 2014, larger-than-life paintings of more than one hundred bird species threatened by climate change have been wowing residents and spreading awareness in Harlem, New York. The project is set to cross the Atlantic to Europe, bringing with it the power to reconnect city-dwellers with nature.
Arctic tern © Markus Varesvuo

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