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18 Apr 2019

North Macedonia’s Stork Villages: where birds and people live side by side

How did a sleepy rural community become the stork capital of North Macedonia? We meet the White Storks that live alongside local people, and discover how one woman’s love of birds inspired an entire movement.
17 Apr 2019

Protected status secured for Cambodia’s Stung Sen wetlands

Thanks to the work of BirdLife International Cambodia Programme, the rich and biologically diverse Stung Sen wetland has been designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, protecting the habitat of important species such as the Lesser Adjutant.
15 Apr 2019

Symbols of love and fidelity brought down by illegal killing

The European Turtle-dove’s population is dropping fast, in large part due to illegal killing. But our partners are working to reverse that trend.
This Colombian team will be using conservation to keep water clean © Jose Barros
12 Apr 2019

Think millennials are apathetic about conservation? Think again

If you think millennials are too busy looking at their phones to care about conservation, you haven’t met these young people. Every year, we grant funding and support to young people whose new, fresh ideas are changing the way we protect the planet. Here are this year’s winners.
11 Apr 2019

Study: Could new government targets drive better nature conservation?

A new paper published in the journal Science criticizes current incentives for governments to create protected areas, and calls for a new approach to encourage nations to safeguard b
Northern Bald Ibis © Fireglo / Shutterstock

The latest conservation news and breakthroughs, delivered to your door.

Northern Bald Ibis © Fireglo / Shutterstock
11 Apr 2019

This map lets you track bird migration in real time

With Euro Bird Portal’s LIVE viewer, you can look at weekly animated maps showing where birds have been sighted in real time
08 Apr 2019

Anti-poaching camps give honey-buzzard sweet taste of success

The European Honey-buzzard is fearless in the face of stinging wasps and hornets - but it has no defence against illegal shooting for sport. In Italy, “anti-poaching camps” sparked an extremely successful movement which has saved thousands of honey-buzzards.
The Eastern Imperial Eagle is classed as Vulnerable on the Red List of threatened species © BirdLife Europe
05 Apr 2019

A mighty predator made helpless at the hands of humans

The eagle is a long-standing symbol of strength and glory, but though triumphant within the animal kingdom, the predator becomes the prey when the Eastern Imperial Eagle is confronted with human persecution. Can we restore one of Europe’s rarest raptors?
The Rufous-headed Robin is one of the most narrowly-distributed birds in Asia © Summer Wong
04 Apr 2019

News flash: Rufous-headed Robin spotted for first time since 2016

This secretive Endangered songbird has been spotted for the first time in three years, in the cloud forests of Malaysia – a completely new habitat for this species. Could this be its formerly unknown wintering grounds?
03 Apr 2019

Hotspots of exploitation: where are species under greatest threat?

A new paper pinpoints global hotspots for unsustainable commercial harvesting of species to prioritise efforts tackling one of the greatest threats to nature.
Arctic tern © Markus Varesvuo
© Markus Varesvuo
One of the new Blue-eyed Ground-doves © Marcelo Lisita/SAVE Brasil
29 Mar 2019

New population of Blue-eyed Ground-doves discovered

Four new doves have been discovered, increasing the population of the Critically Endangered bird by 26 percent.
Fieldwork isn't always fun and games © Jono Handley
29 Mar 2019

Fieldwork fails: 7 times birds made a fool of our staff

Sometimes, to study and help birds, we need to get up close and personal. But it doesn’t always go as planned. We asked BirdLife staff for their most hilarious mishaps while working out in the field. Prepare to be shocked, amused and downright disgusted…
Alejandro Selkirk Island, Chile is one of the highest-ranking islands on the list © Island Conservation
26 Mar 2019

Want to prevent 131 extinctions? Focus on these islands

Invasive species are a huge threat to island wildlife. A new study pinpoints key islands across the world that we could start restoring right now to help save the maximum number of highly threatened species.
26 Mar 2019

Science Spotlight: Prioritizing invasive species removal to prevent

A new study has found removing invasive mammals from 169 islands would improve survival prospects for 9% of the world’s most highly-threatened vertebrates on islands. Our Global Science Coordinator Ian Burfield explains the study and its implications for conservation.
The "baby shower"-style hatching ceremony drew media attention © Aranyak
25 Mar 2019

The Adjutant Army: an all-female campaign for an Endangered stork

A gangly, bald, leathery bird with a penchant for eating garbage, the Greater Adjutant’s unconventional appearance has brought it to the edge of extinction. But in India, an all-female group of conservationists is fighting to clear its name.
Common Quail © Watter AlBahry

Every year, more than 25 million birds are illegally killed on their migration journey. Help us to end this devastation.

Common Quail © Watter AlBahry

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