Wandering Albatross © Oli Prince
22 Jun 2017

How we're saving the kings of the ocean

It has been another busy year for the Albatross Task Force, and our teams have made good progress in achieving their objectives towards reducing the bycatch of vulnerable seabirds in some of the world’s most deadly fisheries.
Southern Rockhopper © Galyna Andrushko
20 Jun 2017

I can’t believe we still have to raise funds to protect penguins…

Rory Crawford, BirdLife International Marine Programme Manager, blogs about BirdLife's latest work to save penguins from extinction.
Polynesian Ground-dove: population now set to recover from less than 200 birds © Marie-Helene Burle/Island Conservation
20 Jun 2017

Paradise saved: some of world’s rarest birds rebound on Pacific islands

Five remote Pacific islands are safe havens for four of our world’s rarest bird species following the success of ambitious island restoration project
16 Jun 2017

Can we bring back the pheasant that was wiped out by the war in Vietnam?

The Edwards’s Pheasant has been wiped out in the wild by the war that once ravaged Vietnam But a prospering caged community brings hope that it could once again return
The Seabird Tracking Database has reached 10 million data points © David Grem
08 Jun 2017

Record-breaking 10 million points for seabird conservation

Today we celebrate World Oceans Day as we finally reach a record-breaking 10 million data points in the Seabird Tracking Database.
05 Jun 2017

Safe at last: Spoonie’s winter wonderland becomes Ramsar site

Picture it in your mind’s eye: a wild, untamed stretch of coast, where rapid, powerful waves lash at the endless mud flats, constantly resculpting and refreshing the shoreline.
01 Jun 2017

Trump pulls US out of Paris Agreement - BirdLife's reaction

Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement. Read BirdLife International's statement on this shocking news.
30 May 2017

Feathers in Flames: the species being snuffed out by forest fires

A provocative new art exhibition, provided thanks to Saatchi, shows the true cost of the man-made forest flames ravaging Indonesia.
Cherry-throated Tanager © Ciro Albino
17 May 2017

Ravaged by deforestation - but a new refuge brings hope for the Cherry-

A newly-created nature reserve in Brazil's ravaged Atlantic Forest will protect one of the last strongholds of the highly-threatened Cherry-throated Tanager.
17 May 2017

Five neat tricks to keep your cat from attacking birds

Nature Canada’s Cats & Birds campaign shows you how to wean your pet moggy off outdoor living - a lifestyle change that will save the lives of both birds and cats.

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