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For real food security, we need nature-friendly farming

Our current farming system is makin us less food secure. The answer? Sustainable, nature-friendly farming.

By Jeremy Herry

Think we need more intensive farming for food security? Think again. If anything, our unsustainable farming system is making us less secure: it’s killing pollinators, destroying the very ecosystems we need to produce food, and 88 million tons of food are going to waste every year!

For real, long-term food security, we need sustainable, nature-friendly farming. The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy can make this a reality by supporting our farmers’ green transition. Check out our infographic below for more detail (you can also view a larger version here).

For more information on the urgent transition to nature-friendly farming, read through our studies, positions and news articles here. Did you like our infographic? Feel free to share it!

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