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We need money for nature now

In Europe, the most dramatic cause for the loss of biodiversity, species and natural habitats is intensive agriculture. The solution? Investing in nature protection.

By Jeremy Herry

The single, most dramatic cause for the loss of biodiversity, species and natural habitats in Europe is intensive agriculture.

To reverse this alarming trend, the EU must invest in nature protection. Where should the money come from, you ask? Well, the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy costs us €60 billion per year. By investing a quarter of that in nature-friendly farming (€15 billion), we can support farmers’ incomes and protect nature. Check out our infographic below to understand why CAP reform is crucial to save nature (you can also view a larger version here.)

Time is of the essence: the CAP reform, decided this year, will apply for 7 years. Next time around, in 2027, it will be too late – we simply will no longer have the luxury of reversing 7 more years of nature destruction. Tipping points will have been reached. Ecosystems will have vanished. That’s why we so desperately need money for nature now.

For more information on the urgent transition to nature-friendly farming, read through our studies, positions and news articles here. Did you like our infographic? Feel free to share it!

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