Canada - Nature Canada

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1939
5000 members
Staff: 16
85 Albert Street, Suite 900, Ottawa, CA, K1P 6A4

Mission of the organisation

Nature Canada’s mission is to conserve and protect nature — Canada’s natural diversity of plant and animal species and their environment.

Key Activities

  • We support on-the-ground, community-based efforts to protect birds, and bird habitat
  • We conserve bird habitat and promote biodiversity in Canada and the Americas
  • We help connect thousands of children to nature every year
  • We push for effective laws and supporting policies that protect endangered species
  • We encourage the development of an effective network of parks and protected areas
  • We run public awareness and advocacy campaigns on behalf of bird conservation

Recent Achievements

  • Introduced 16,500 more children to the wonders of nature in the nation’s local, provincial and national parks this year (45,000 children since 2004).
  • Worked hand-in-hand with local conservationists by supporting grassroots projects at Important Bird Areas across Canada through our Communities in Action program.
  • Provided testimony to a government-appointed panel studying the merits of a proposed pipeline project along the Mackenzie River, arguing the project will leave an unacceptable footprint on important bird habitat like the Kendall Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary.
  • Forced a public review of a proposed drilling operation inside the federally protected Suffield National Wildlife Area, where endangered species like the Burrowing Owl depend on the wide open spaces of the Suffield prairie to survive.
  • Completed a scientific review of a proposed recovery strategy for the endangered Sage Grouse, which served as the basis of a lawsuit brought against the federal government by Nature Canada partners in Alberta and Saskatchewan, who argued that the final recovery strategy failed to identify critical habitat.
  • With BirdLife International partners in Paraguay, we helped communities establish vegetable gardens, plant fruit trees and produce shade-grown organic tea, activities that relieved pressure on forest resources and conserved several endemic bird populations in Paraguay’s Atlantic Forest.
  • 5,000 members, 40,000 supporters.

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