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Stories of hope from the frontline of conservation

We Are The Power Of Many

No single organisation can halt our planet’s nature crisis alone. These are the stories from our global community of people who have dedicated their lives to saving birds, nature and everyone who depends upon it. From being inspired by nature as children, to becoming integral to protecting it, our conservation leaders are filled with hope and optimism that it is not too late to save our planet.

As Paul Matiku, Chief Executive of Nature Kenya said ”The ability of the planet to meet human needs is reaching a tipping point. But there is hope. It is possible to reverse the situation. With commitment and dedication we can save the world. ”

Conservation must be fair and sustainable, so we work with our local BirdLife Partners to protect nature in their own places while tackling worldwide challenges. Reaching across six continents in 118 countries, our 122 strong partnership of independent national organisations strengthens, advocates and protects nature everywhere.

Martin Harper, Chief Executive of BirdLife International, introducing the BirdLife Partnership Podcast

We are the world’s largest civil society partnership for nature

Our Partnership Stories