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Soaring Above: Pedro Develey’s Vision for Brazil’s Birds Conservation

Discover how Pedro Develey’s leadership at SAVE Brasil is advancing bird conservation efforts in Brazil.

In this episode of our PartnerPod series, we delve into the impactful work of Pedro Develey, the director of SAVE Brasil and a seasoned biologist with a PhD in bird ecology. Under his guidance, SAVE Brasil, the BirdLife partner in Brazil, has made significant strides in conserving the country’s rich avian biodiversity.

Pedro’s commitment to bird conservation is exemplified by his efforts in the Atlantic Forest of northeastern Brazil. Since joining SAVE Brasil in 2004, he has spearheaded the purchase and preservation of a crucial 500-hectare area, safeguarding it from deforestation for charcoal production. This initiative has not only protected vital habitats but also set a precedent for future conservation projects.

A staunch advocate for the intrinsic value of wildlife, Pedro emphasizes the importance of keeping birds in their natural habitats rather than as pets. His work focuses on changing public perceptions and fostering a deeper understanding of the biodiversity crisis. By engaging local communities and transforming mindsets, he demonstrates that conservation is both possible and essential.

Pedro’s role in BirdLife International highlights his dedication to collaborative conservation. He praises the organization’s democratic structure and its science-based approach, which resonate with his own values. Through BirdLife, Pedro collaborates with partners worldwide, sharing knowledge and strategies to enhance global conservation efforts.

Pedro Develey, Executive Director at SAVE Brasil.
Rufous-bellied thrush (Turdus rufiventris), national bird of Brazil. © Fernando Calmon

“Birds are our messengers. They can communicate the situation of our planet and engage people with nature. That’s why I love birds.”

Pedro Develey – SAVE Brasil