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The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL)

Our work is to protect the biodiversity of Lebanon with people, and lead on the expansion of Hima community- based protected areas that are sustainably and equitably using and restoring their natural resources.

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“Never expected a workplace to blend flexibility and commitment, responsibility and fun, aspirations and actions, as SPNL cleverly does.”

Alice Baghdadi, Head of Organizational Department – SPNL

“Nature has so much to offer. We, at SPNL, strive to give back to nature what it deserves, while empowering people to make the best out of their resources in the most sustainable ways. Having the chance to contribute to achieving this balance between Nature and People makes me proud to be part of SPNL’s family.”

Elie El-Haddad, Research and Conservation Manager – SPNL

“Being passionate about nature, how can I not love being part of SPNL team! Passion triggers passion and every day, I wake up for a cause I believe in: preserving our Lebanese heritage, working on conservation with the help of locals; who are the pillars of the Hima.”

Rania Khalil, Hima Education Manager – SPNL

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