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Support BirdLife’s advocacy work to make leaders listen to the science, and put in place the vital policies and investments to ensure nature is at the heart of solving the climate crisis.

Today we’ve heard again from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Climate change is here and must not be ignored any longer. The IPCC has repeatedly told us that nature and people are being impacted by climate change through increasing extreme weather events, sea level rise and global warming. The window for acting is closing, with the risk of overshooting the 1.5°C target high and the recent reports making clear that there are now irreversible changes to our world’s ecosystems and nearly half the global population is living in the danger zone of climate impacts.

The latest Report will directly inform the Global Stocktake happening at COP28 in the United Arab Emirates where the world will determine global progress in line with the Paris Agreement goals. Now is the time to push our global leaders across governments, business, industry and communities to increase ambition and deliver the changes needed. The IPCC has clearly set out the issues and what must be done, and BirdLife is in a unique position to help deliver solutions.

Header image: © OSORIOartist / Shutterstock

One of the fundamental takeaways from this report is that climate change and biodiversity loss are deeply intertwined. Not only is climate change pushing many species and ecosystems to the brink, but biodiversity loss is accelerating climate change. The science has shown that limiting warming to 1.5°C will not be possible without protecting and restoring nature. Emissions from agriculture, forest loss and other land use changes represent almost a quarter of total global emissions. To get keep our climate within safe limits and build a resilient future, we must tackle unsustainable land use and deforestation, protect and restore nature, and support our ecosystems to adapt and thrive.

BirdLife’s unique global to local approach is helping to deliver climate action around the world. BirdLife is working with the BirdLife Partnership to push governments to link their biodiversity and climate agendas through advocating for increased ambition at the global Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and UNFCCC COPs.  We are working to deliver projects including reforestation in South America, coastal saltmarsh creation in the United Kingdom, supporting nature-safe renewable energy developments across Africa to Europe, and launching our innovative flyways initiatives in partnership with the Asian Development Bank and the Latin American Development Bank.

But we can all do so much more.

Support BirdLife’s advocacy work to make leaders listen to the science, and put in place the vital policies and investments to ensure nature is at the heart of solving the climate crisis.

You can support BirdLife today by:

  1. Supporting your local BirdLife Partner in holding governments accountable to their climate promises and forcing greater national ambition.
  2. Join BirdLife International as a member and support our international advocacy work negotiating for nature at the Climate COPs.
  3. Make a donation. Combatting global challenges like the climate crisis requires vast resources, everything you give gets us one step closer to saving people and nature from these impending catastrophes.