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Nature Conservation Egypt

Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) is an Egyptian NGO working towards the conservation of Egypt’s natural heritage and the promotion of its sustainable use, for the benefit of present and future generations. Established in 2005 by a number of Egypt’s leading experts in the field of nature and biodiversity conservation, NCE is specialized in scientific research, advocacy, education and outreach to support species, their habitats, and local communities.

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“My time with NCE has been very enriching, empowering and has completely changed the way I experience the world and the biodiversity conservation challenges we are facing.”

Mohamed Raouf, former executive director

“For me NCE has always been a place of experimentation, creativity and innovation. It is a place where young people with a passion for Nature can come together and work outside of the bureaucracies and limitations.”

Hana El Safoury, former project manager.

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