Preventing Extinctions

  • BirdLife is the global Red List authority on the threat status of birds. We know which species are most at risk of extinction, and the conservation actions that can save them.

  • BirdLife’s Preventing Extinctions Programme has taken action for over 500 (40%) of the world’s threatened bird species since 2008.

  • 46 Species Guardians have been appointed to take action for 59 Critically Endangered and 11 Endangered species.

  • The work of Species Guardians is made possible by funding support from Species Champions. We need more Species Champions to fund our work for all threatened bird species. 

The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme is counteracting an increasingly diverse array of threats to birds by delivering conservation action – underpinned by science – where it is most needed. In a collaboration of rigorous science, practical conservation, innovative fundraising and wide-ranging communication, the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme aims to deliver something ground breaking: preventing the extinction of another bird species. The programme is implemented by the BirdLife Partnership working with whoever is best placed to help a particular species. The development of two communities plays a central part in the programme: BirdLife Species Guardians – experts who take the lead in conserving threatened species in their country; and BirdLife Species Champions – organisations or individuals who raise awareness of and fund the vital conservation that is so urgently required.

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