Forests of Hope

BirdLife Partners have already secured some priority forests. Photo: Murray Cooper.

  • Forests of Hope is changing the way the world’s tropical forests are managed

  • We are already working at major forest sites across four continents

  • Our innovative approaches to management, governance and finance are bringing benefits to forest people as well as wildlife

BirdLife Partners have been working in tropical forest conservation for decades, in more than 50 countries. Around the world Partners are involved in numerous projects to conserve intact forest and restore degraded forest ecosystems, and promote sustainable forest use.

BirdLife’s Forests of Hope Programme brings together and builds on these many successes. Its aims are the prevention of deforestation and the restoration of natural forest in the tropics.  The BirdLife Partnership is working in tropical countries around the world to pilot innovative management, financing and governance systems for forest and biodiversity conservation and restoration. The programme’s effectiveness is maximised by linking forest conservation on the ground to policy and advocacy work at national and international levels. 

Tropical deforestation is one of the most acute ecological tragedies of our modern age. Conserving the world's tropical forests is a struggle in which the international community has  largely failed;  and it continues at a frightening rate, of more than 7 million hectares per year.  This equates to around an area the size of one football pitch every 4 seconds.

Nevertheless BirdLife Partners are developing innovative approaches to forest conservation that are bringing benefits to forest people as well as the forests and their wildlife at key sites across four continents.

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