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The birds of the Pacific are in peril. 
Since people arrived half of all bird species living then are now extinct. This tragedy continues with 45 species on the brink of extinction today.

Pacific birds evolved without predators, but today on almost all of pacific islands rats and other invaders prey on the native species. Removing these invaders is the immediate priority and BirdLife International knows how to do it, and they have removed the pests from more than 30 Islands in five Pacific countries–Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Palau. Nowhere is the situation more urgent than in French Polynesia, where most of its native birds are at immediate risk of extinction due to the rats and other pests. 

The remote Gambier archipelago of French Polynesia provides the best opportunity for protecting a large number of threatened birds. The removal of pests will allow for the re-establishment of populations of at least nine threatened birds and other wildlife.  Funding has been secured to remove the pests on three of the islands, but we need more, help us secure all six islands, and save the nine threatened species in Gambier.

You can help save the Tuamotu and the Polynesian Grounddove, Murphy Petrel and other wonderful yet endangered birds. You can make a lasting difference to the wildlife and people of Gambier.

Please help us restore the Pacific paradise. Donate at . Thank you for your support.


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