BirdLife Partners - Pacific

The BirdLife Pacific Partnership currently includes seven national grassroots membership organisations representing countries in Polynesia (including New Zealand), Melanesia, Micronesia and Australia. Only 2% of the vast area included in the region is land.  Species have evolved on the islands in isolation from predators.  They are now threatened by introduced alien predators as well as extensive habitat loss, leading to high rates of extinction. The Pacific now has more threatened bird species per unit area of land, or per person, than anywhere else in the world.  There are 34 critically endangered bird species in the region that are on the brink of extinction, with many more edging closer to extinction every year. The Pacific Partnership has pioneered many of the techniques to restore island habitats.  Over 40 islands have been restored to date, using methods that are now being adopted around the world.  The Pacific partnership is developing a uniquely “Pacific”, community-based approach to conserving island forests, which are home to the majority of the region’s threatened birds, and the basis of traditional, sustainable livelihoods.