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Austria - BirdLife Austria

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1953
2500 members
Staff: 12
Museumsplatz 1/10/8, Wien, AT, AT-1070
Tel. +43 1 523 46 51; Fax +43 1 523 46 51 50


Mission of the organisation

To ensure the conservation of Austria's birdlife. This shall be achieved by:

  • Conducting of scientific studies
  • Conservation work on a scientifically sound basis
  • Dissemination of information on birds to the wider public

Key Activities

  • Species conservation programs (eg Corncrake, White Stork, Scops Owl, Stone Curlew etc.)
  • Promotion of IBAs and lobby work for their designation as SPAs
  • Work for sites under current threat
  • Monitoring of common breeding birds
  • Special monitoring schemes (eg White Stork, waterfowl, several rare resp. localised species)
  • Regional and national mapping projects (currently for the provinces of Carinthia and Upper Austria)
  • Research program on birds as indicators for sustainable land use
  • Media work
  • Information on popular issues (bird feeding, garden birds etc.)
  • Excursions and lectures for our members
  • Advocacy work with national and regional governments and institutions
  • Publication of recent results of research, conservation and birdwatching.

Recent Achievements

  • Launched the Austrian Common Bird Census. More than 150 people took part.
  • Published a breeding bird atlas for the province of Styria, detailing the survey work carried out during the 1980s by a regional branch of BirdLife Austria
  • Survey work revealed that conservation measures have secured the populations of Corncrakes in several areas of AustriaContinued working with the government to ensure IBAs are designated as SPAs. More than 60% have now been placed in this category
  • Began work on a new Austrian Red Data Book on birds
  • Ran an information campaign on 20 years of the Birds Directive, with financial support from the Austrian Environmental Ministry
  • Ran successful conservation programmes on White Stork, Corncrake, Stone Curlew and Scops Owl. Austrain populations of these species are now stable or increasing.
  • Organised a nationwide Sand Martin survey and ran a bird of the year campaign on the Yellowhammer
  • Assisted in the protection of the first successful nesting for almost 200 years of Imperial Eagles in Austria



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