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Red List Update 2020

Help us protect threatened birds

In December 2020, BirdLife unveiled this year’s Red List ups and downs – with mixed results for the world’s birds. Birds continue to decline in numbers, and urgently need our help to prevent their extinctions.

Donating today can:

  • Help us to restore habitats, from forests to wetlands, to protect up-listed birds
  • Enable us to assess the extinction risk of every bird species, so we can fund urgent action where it's needed
  • Provide urgent funds to react to emergencies, such as vulture poisonings
  • Work with indigenous peoples to protect their local forests, and the birds that live in them

Overall, we have moved 40 species to a higher threat category – a stark reminder of the carnage human activity continues to wreak on nature. But elsewhere, several species have shown signs of recovery – proof that conservation works, and that the Red List is not a one-way elevator to extinction.

For many of the 40 species ‘uplisted’ this year, this is not the end but the beginning of their road to recovery – your support will help us continue our vital work to protect and conserve the worlds' most threatened bird species.



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