17 Jul 2020

ABC joins the flock!

The latest member of the BirdLife family becomes our second partner in the United States; brings Partnership total to 116

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird features on ABC's logo
The Ruby-throated Hummingbird features on ABC's logo © Steve Byland
By Alex Dale

We are delighted to welcome the newest member of the BirdLife family: American Bird Conservancy (ABC), a collaborative and passionate organisation which becomes our second BirdLife Partner in the United States of America.

Since it was founded in 1994, ABC has fearlessly tackled the major issues facing birds and biodiversity in the United States, including sensitive, divisive issues such as free-roaming cats and pesticides. ABC’s reach extends beyond its country’s mainland borders; current organisational focuses include restoring habitat for Hawaiian forest endemics, and protecting key seabird colonies from threats such as invasive species.

ABC is a perfect cultural fit for the BirdLife Partnership, as a collaborative spirit is ingrained in everything they do. One of their key strategies involves working with conservation partners to establish and sustain protected reserves across the Americas, including safe havens for Araripe Manakin Antilophia bokermanni in Brazil (with partner Aquasis), and Blue-billed Curassow Crax alberti in Colombia (alongside Fundación ProAves). Overall, ABC’s network spans 15 countries and protects over a million acres – benefiting birds large and small.

“I am delighted that ABC has become a partner of BirdLife International”, says Mike Parr, President, ABC. “It will allow us to connect with like-minded groups from across the globe to help further our joint mission of bird conservation. It’s extremely exciting to be able to play a role in the next evolution of BirdLife in the Americas.”

While typically there is one BirdLife Partner per country, our constitution allows for more in special circumstances. ABC joins our long-standing Partner in the US, the National Audubon Society, which has led on bird issues since 1905. With nearly two million members, Audubon has championed hemispheric conservation, working with BirdLife partners across Latin America. “We welcome the partnership of a revitalised ABC under Mike Parr’s leadership; the challenges are so huge that we need to collectively bring all the energy we can muster to this fight to save the places birds need”, says Audubon CEO and President David Yarnold.

The BirdLife Partnership has been further strengthened by the return of UzSPB in Uzbekistan, a country that hosts KBAs of vital importance to migratory birds such as Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius. Currently, the Partnership numbers 116 Partners in 113 countries or territories.