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World MigratoryBird Day 2021

World Migratory Bird Day is a celebration of the amazing endurance of migratory birds as they travel between their breeding and wintering grounds. Below are the webinars that BirdLife is organising in October 2021.

Protecting migratory birds: the BirdLife East Atlantic Flyway Inititative 

Thursday 7th October
14:00 – 16:00 GMT+T 12pm UTC

Migratory birds represent a big challenge for conservation, as they move over vast areas throughout the year in order to complete their annual cycle. They depend on a network of sites where they can eat, rest, and nest. And the network is only as strong as its weakest link. Many migratory birds, particularly those that migrate between Africa and Europe, have been declining, and require action to stabilize and improve these trends.

This challenge cannot be solved by any single organization but requires instead the coordinated efforts of many. 

The BirdLife East Atlantic Flyway Initiative has been coordinating conservation efforts of BirdLife Partners along this migratory route, from Iceland to South Africa. Dozens of actions benefitting migratory birds are taking place, from strengthening of organizations to engagement with policy platforms, and including direct actions on the ground. 

Join us in our webinar to learn more about the East Atlantic Flyway Initiative and the efforts being undertaken to conserve migratory birds.

Conservation beyond borders inspired by flyways 

Thursday 7th October
14:00 – 15:30 EST (GMT-5)

Nature does not have, nor does it understand, borders imposed by human beings. Hence, conservation efforts should not be compromised by geographic limits either.

Migratory routes inspire and encourage us to establish comprehensive conservation actions that protect wildlife and natural resources while creating sustainable livelihoods.

Discover regional impact efforts from leading experts from the BirdLife Family to safeguard migratory species.

  • Migratory Birds in a Globally Important Ecosystem – the Dry Forest Chaco of Central South America. Camilo Benitez, Guyra Paraguay.
  • Working with First Nations to Anchor the Northern Flyway for Red Knot – the Perils of Working in the Age of Covid. Ted Cheskey, Naturalist Director at Nature Canada. 
  • Grassland Lagoons of the Pampas. Uruguay’s approach to working with Ranchers to Save Migratory birds. Agustina Medina, Aves Uruguay.
  • Argentina’s Newest and Largest National Park – Lessons Learned Creating Refuge for Migratory Species. María Laura Josens, Aves Argentinas. 
  • The birds that unite us and lift our spirits: Musings on our shared responsibility for a healthy planet and healthy people. Christian Artuso, Canadian Wildlife Service.

The BirdLife Sing-Fly-Soar challenge – Put your bird migration knowledge to the test! 

Wednesday 13th October
17:00 GMT+7 (Hong Kong)

What do you know about bird migration?

In this online challenge your knowledge of the wonderful world of bird migration will be put to the test.

Since time immemorial, migratory birds have braved mountains, oceans, deserts, and storms on their journeys.

Their arrival and departure mark the arrival of the seasons and the time for planting and harvesting crops. They are symbols of fertility and vitality and feature prominently in literature and the arts.

Join us in this World Migratory Bird Day event – it will be fun, interactive & inspiring. And you might just win one of the great prizes!

Get ready for the BirdLife Sing-Fly-Soar challenge!

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