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The CambridgeConservation Initiative

We are a proud partner of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) is a collaborative partnership which brings together leading national and international biodiversity conservation organisations with the University of Cambridge.

Our mission is to transform the global understanding and conservation of biodiversity to secure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

CCI brings together the largest group of conservation researchers and practitioners in the world and enables them to work together more effectively across a range of conservation activities, from research and education to policy and on-the-ground action.

CCI was created by the partners to promote greater strategic collaboration to enable us, as conservationists, to tackle some of our planet’s most pressing threats in ways that would be difficult to achieve alone.

By joining together, CCI partners can complement their existing conservation activities with new approaches that transcend disciplines and allow us to tackle emerging challenges. CCI is also uniquely placed to feed new thinking and training into worldwide conservation practice and policy through the partner conservation organisations and their networks. Similarly, the experience, knowledge and information from on-the-ground implementation of policy and practice is fed into CCI’s research and teaching through the Conservation Research Institute and the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge.

“The future of our life on Earth is dependent on the natural world. In this remarkable age we are learning more and more about the intricacies of our dependence on nature. Yet our natural world is threatened as never before, and no one institution, however effective, can hope to address all these threats alone.

It is for this reason that the work of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative is so exceptional. By bringing together leaders in research, practice, policy and teaching, we stand the greatest chance of developing the solutions required to save our planet.”

Sir David Attenborough, Honorary Patron, CCI

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