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The Rare Bird Club are a group of exceptional individuals who make a significant contribution of €6000 / £5,000 / $6,500 or more to join, and then €1,200 / £1,000 / $1,300 or more every year. These generous gifts are pledged to enable BirdLife to protect birds where it is most urgent, by contributing to general funds.

These donations reflect the importance these individuals place on the protection of birds and the environment, and give the opportunity to be involved in helping to make vital conservation happen. The club provides members with a like-minded social group, and connects them to BirdLife through special events, webinars, exciting trips and communications. 

Rare Bird Club member Mary Matthews on a trip with the Rare Bird Club
“I am not a hardcore birder, but love to understand the behaviour of birds, their environments and the problems they face. Through Birdlife I learn straight from the scientists, and can travel with experts on fun trips to wonderful wildlife destinations.” 

Mary Matthews, Rare Bird Club member since 2016

Rare Bird Club Trips

“I joined the Rare Bird Club because, as Julia reminded me: ‘wildlife conservation has given you a great life, now it’s pay-back time’. It’s a good feeling to know our money helps BirdLife’s vital core funds.”

Richard Porter, Rare Bird Club member since 2008

“As never before, this is a time to support nature and I have found Birdlife´s Rare Bird Club an extraordinary venue to contribute. Since joining it has been a deeply fulfilling and insightful experience along like-minded individuals.”

Andrés de la Morena, Rare Bird Club member since 2020

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