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Vogelbescherming Nederland (VBN)

“Together for Birds and People”. 

Vogelbescherming Nederland is the Dutch Partner of BirdLife International. Our mission is to protect and conserve wild birds and the sites on which they depend. Together with people who share our passion for birds and nature. In this way, we contribute to conserving biodiversity and maintain the quality of our living environment.

Key Activities

  • Vogelbescherming develops and executes targeted conservation programmes, collaborations, advocacy, legal action, awareness-raising activities and campaigns for the conservation of birds in The Netherlands and worldwide. We base our work on the best available scientific knowledge.
  • Vogelbescherming advocates for the conservation of Important Bird Areas in The Netherlands, focusing on key sites such as the Waddensea, IJsselmeer and the southwestern Delta. We develop restoration projects with reserve managers, use dedicated volunteers as ears and eyes in the field, and develop targeted programmes for (groups of) species that are in trouble.
  • Vogelbescherming works towards a nature-inclusive countryside. Of all our birds, those of agricultural areas show the most severe declines. This includes meadow-breeding waders such as Black-tailed Godwit, Oystercatcher and Lapwing, but also once very common birds like Skylark and Tree Sparrow. We work on policy advocacy for nature-inclusive agriculture, and design alternative agricultural management and business cases together with farmers, to use as inspiring examples.
  • Vogelbescherming promotes bird-friendly neighbourhoods and towns. We raise awareness stimulating people to turn their gardens into bird havens. We work with municipalities, construction companies and architects to ensure bird-inclusive design, construction, insulation and urban environments.
  • In our international programme, Vogelbescherming supports BirdLife partners in the Dutch Caribbean and along the East-Atlantic Flyway. With institutional support, collaborative project development and fundraising, and joint advocacy and awareness-raising we aim to strengthen the BirdLife network and conserve migratory birds during their entire life cycle.

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