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Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO)

Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO) unites birdwatchers, nature lovers, amateurs and professionals interested in the research and protection of birds. Currently the CSO has more than 5000 members and has become a renowned non-governmental organization with a good reputation not only in the Czech Republic but also beyond its borders.

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Věra Sychrová
“In 2019, the Czech Agriculture Ministry gave farmers the green light for applications of the highly toxic poison against common voles. We warned that the application of this poison on the ground is very dangerous for birds, because same birds can eat it and others will be poisoned by eating poisoned voles. With a huge public support, we made the ministry to reverse the decision and stop poison applications. This was the moment, when I felt that the power of our organisation together with public is really big and that we can really protect birds and other animals when they are in trouble. And that makes me happy.”

Věra Sychrová, PR and communication officer in CSO

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