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Association BIOM

We are a voluntary, non-governmental organization, one of the leading nature conservation NGOs in Croatia and proud BirdLife partner. We aim to study and protect the living world and to raise public awareness of biodiversity, endangered species and habitats, sustainable development and environmental protection.

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Carolina Vieira
“I had great moments as a biologist, like when I was on the boat and saw Yelkouan and Scopoli’s shearwaters flying so near us or when we held them to help ringing and put satellite tags, but I improved more than only my biologist skills.”

Carolina Vieira from Portugal, European Solidarity Corps volunteer with Biom for the Island Birds project

“Seeing so much active passion and motivation was the strongest highlight of this camp. It makes me excited to go into this field in the future. I see there are people who really care and it motivates me to work in this field. I had many beautiful discussions with many intelligent minds. We had a lot of opportunities to learn. The beautiful part of NGO is that you want to share what you know. All of the conversations, all of the learning, how much I feel closer to myself and what I want to do in my life.”

Maddie from Germany, European Solidarity Corps volunteer in Biom’s ornithology camp on Učka mountain

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