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Natagora (Wallonia)

The aim of Natagora is together with Natuurpunt, the second Belgian BirdLife Partner, to protect the remaining nature in Belgium through buying and managing land, protecting species, running awareness programs for a general and specific public and lobbying local and regional governments.

Following the federal structure of Belgium, two BirdLife Partners are active in Belgium. In Flanders and Brussels, the Dutch-speaking region, all activities are carried out by the NGO Natuurpunt. Natuurpunt has 130,000 members. In Wallonia and Brussels, the French-speaking region, Natagora was founded in 2003 by Réserves Naturelles RNOB and Aves, Société d’études Ornithologiques, to join forces on communications, education and conservation policy. Natagora is supported by 26,000 members.

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