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Making a Difference (2022)

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As we face a crisis that threatens nature, our climate, and our very existence, we all need to step up and change the way we treat our planet, our one home. We need to make a difference.

Over the past 10 years the BirdLife Partnership has done just that. Working to
a strategy agreed by the Partnership in 2013, we have protected species, conserved sites and habitats, pushed for environmental sustainability and worked with people towards our vision of a “world rich in biodiversity with people and nature living in harmony, equitably and sustainably”. This 10-year strategy was implemented through nine programmes, each with their own expected results, and monitored through a Quality Assurance System through which BirdLife Partners set baselines and reported against progress. Progress was reported on in 2016 through Making a Difference 1 and again in 2018 at the BirdLife Global Partnership Meeting.

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary year, we are pleased to present Making a
Difference 2 which is reporting back on some of our remarkable achievements over the past decade. These include overarching achievements in science and policy, our success in saving species from extinction and important sites under threat, our progress in the marine realm and for forests, and the progress we have made as a Partnership in building a grassroots civil society movement with independent local legitimacy across the world. As the world lurches from one environmental crisis to another, and the challenges
seem undiminished, we are sure readers of this report will find it heartening to see the differences BirdLife has made, which are just a fraction of the achievements over the past decade that we can be proud of.

Building on this success, we adopted and launched BirdLife’s new 10-year strategy at our Global Partnership Meeting in September 2022. This strengthens our commitment to address the systemic drivers of biodiversity loss and mobilises the support and engagement of the public, private sector and governments. BirdLife is ready for the next decade, and our commitment and confidence burn brightly because of the difference we have made and know we can make in the future.

Patricia Zurita
BirdLife Chief Executive

patricia zurita, BirdLife ceo, Birdlife international