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Give a voice to the birds with Robin Redbreast On 2023 November 16th – Robin Redbreast Day

November 16th is Robin Redbreast Day in 2023 – what, you say? Never heard of it. Well, mark your calendars from now on, as this special day helps BirdLife International and our partners in saving birds and their habitats, with a special focus on raising awareness about keeping common birds common.

This year, Redbreast is donating €100,000 to BirdLife International in our efforts to preserve the global bird population. But to really make an impact, we all need to work together. It’s not common knowledge that the global bird population is in decline.

You can help us by spreading the word online, sharing our Robin Redbreast Day posts on social media, talking to your family and friends about the plight of birds, and donating directly to us.

With global bird populations decreasing, skies may soon be empty of melodies. If the birds disappear, the silence will be deafening.

To celebrate our little feathered friend, and raise awareness of the plight of birds, we partnered with Redbreast Whiskey and established Robin Redbreast Day back in 2021. So far, we’ve raised €250,000, but we’re just getting started.


Back for a fourth year, and this time in a festive green, we’re also happy to announce the return of the Redbreast Bird Feeder Bottle. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of the Redbreast Bird Feeder go to BirdLife International and its ongoing efforts to reverse the worrying trends in the global bird population.

Sadly, the falling number of birds is now a more pressing concern than ever with almost half of all species experiencing declines, and one in eight teetering on the brink of extinction.


As our Robin Redbreast Day Ambassador, Cian delivered a one-of-a-kind wake up call – a popup concert at dawn on the streets of London – in a bid to highlight the loss of morning song.

At 8:15am on the morning of November 16th, Cian along with a full choir gave his voice to the birds in order to amplify the dawn chorus, which is sadly in decline with the loss in bird population across the globe.

Like and share the video on our social channels to help show support for this great cause.

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