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BirdLife CEO Calls for Collaboration with Business in Keynote Address

Patricia Zurita joined top business leaders at the GreenBiz 23 Conference from the 14-18th February in Arizona to deliver the urgent message that nature is critical for Business Resilience.

WHAT: GreenBiz 23 convened a unique community of 1,800 leaders across industries and sectors to address the new concerns, opportunities and concepts in sustainability. Previous attendees have included leaders in sustainability from Mc Donalds, Amazon, Linked In and Procter & Gamble to name a few.

Patricia Zurita is CEO of BirdLife International, the world’s largest nature conservation partnership of civil society organizations. Zurita delivered an incisive address to COP delegates in Kunming, China, last October and is known for the clarity and urgency of her message. BirdLife comprises more than 115 national partners representing every continent. Zurita was born and raised in Ecuador, and she is the first woman from a developing country to lead an international conservation organization. Trained as both an environmental scientist and economist, Zurita believes that nature is the underlying system that supports all of humanity.

“Saving nature is not only vital in its own right, it is critical for business success and resilience now and in the future…We have 10 years left to solve the biodiversity and climate crisis. And we are making progress every day, but in partnership with the private sector we can do so much more and we can do it faster.” – Patricia Zurita

Zurita at GreenBiz 23:

Keynote Address: Protecting Our Bird Migration Superhighways

Zurita discusses why healthy flyways are key to stemming biodiversity loss and fighting climate change.

Biodiversity is widely touted as a co-benefit of forest carbon and other nature-based climate solutions – however the reality is often more nuanced. How can we measure this co-benefit to ensure these solutions truly benefit nature.

SCIENCE: BirdLife’s State of the World’s Birds report, released in September, paints the most concerning picture for the natural world yet, with nearly half of the world’s bird species now in decline. Birds are the canary in the coal mine for humans and all of nature.

Nature-based climate solutions can also support biodiversity and support critical bird habitat.

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Christopher Sands, Global Director of Communications

Over 100 attendees joined Patricia and local expert Gordon Karre for our Sunrise Bird Walk. We’re grateful to Gordon who is an avid birder from Mesa, AZ, and is very familiar with the many specialty birds to be found in and around the Phoenix area and Maricopa County.