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Come and join us at Global Birdfair this weekend

There are only a few days left until the inaugural Global Birdfair, a BirdLife sponsored event bringing together a community of nature lovers to raise awareness for conservation efforts across the world. Get your tickets to the event to hear from some of the leading voices in conservation, including several integral members of the BirdLife team.

This weekend, from the 15th-17th of July, is the first ever Global Birdfair, an event sponsored by BirdLife. The fair, hosted at the Rutland Showground, UK, will bring together an array of people from the wildlife conservation community. From world-leading conservationists and adventurers to ground-breaking wildlife filmmakers and authors, the event is not to be missed for anyone with a love of the natural world, and you can get your tickets here.

As part of the fair, there will be various stages hosting presentations and panel discussions from world-leading experts in their respective fields, including several integral members of the BirdLife team who are giving talks on Friday 15th July:

10:00 Conservation and conflict, Martin Harper, Osprey stage

BirdLife’s Regional Director of Europe and Central Asia discusses the environmental impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the extraordinary efforts of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB, BirdLife Ukraine) to mitigate these effects and how BirdLife are supporting their work.

11:00 BirdLife 100, Patricia Zurita and Richard Grimmett, Osprey stage

BirdLife’s CEO and Director of Conservation discuss the extraordinary 100-year history of BirdLife, from our roots as a handful of campaigning national organisations concerned about the plight of the world’s birds to becoming the largest global conservation partnership, working with 117 Partners from around the world. Ramón Martí, Director of SEO (BirdLife in Spain) will also introduce this year’s sponsored project, the restoration of La Laguna de La Janda, once Spain’s most extensive wetland.

11:00 Search for the lost birds, Roger Safford, Curlew stage

BirdLife’s Senior Programme Manager of the Preventing Extinction’s Programme (PEP) gives an exciting run-down of the mysterious bird species that have been lost to science, where they are found, the discovery of previously lost species and what they mean for conservation. 

Header image: Blue Tit © Eleanor Hamilton

12:00 – Canaries in the coalmine, Dr Stuart Butchart, Curlew stage

BirdLife’s Chief Scientist discusses why birds are vital indicators of the state of the natural world, what our science is telling us about their predicament and how this science is used to guide our conservation work.

19:30 – State of the Earth Question Time, Panel discussion with Patricia Zurita, Osprey stage

BirdLife’s CEO returns to the Osprey stage alongside a panel of conservation leaders for a special ticketed discussion on the state of the natural world. You can get your tickets for the event here.   

Alongside these talks, various organisations and companies will be exhibiting their work at stands throughout the event. BirdLife will be running along with several of our Partners, including the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS, BirdLife Greece), LPO (BirdLife France), the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB, BirdLife UK) and SEO (BirdLife Spain). Come and say hello to the team on our stand in Robin Marquee, where we’ll be all weekend. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and discuss our work with us. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!