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CNN features BirdLife flyways work in #CalltoEarth series and online in interactive web pages

Patricia Zurita, CallToEarth, CNN, BirdLife

Former BirdLife International CEO Patricia Zurita joined CNN's Bill Weir to host an episode of CNN International's ground-breaking series Call to Earth, called Protecting Nature's Highways, about the wonders of migration and the global flyways migrating birds use.

The program, which Zurita guest edited, highlights migration. The first segment is about birds journeying along one of earth’s 8 great flyways, the African Eurasian flyway, which stretches from the Arctic to the tip of Africa.

For this segment she shot on location in the Doñana National Park with our Spanish Partner SEO BirdLife. Industrial scale water extraction threatens this most critical of wetlands for migratory birds and nature, mostly for unsustainable red fruit production such as strawberries and cranberries.

Zurita also visited white wine vineyards that use no irrigation, and indigenous agricultural methods and grapes, both of which have been used in the region for thousands of years.

Other segments feature whale shark migration at the Mesoamerican Reef, Grizzly Bears and other apex predators in Canada, and Bees and other pollinators in England. All of these species need safe areas in and through which they can move naturally – nature’s highways.

Additionally, Zurita worked with CNN to develop interactive web pages to tell the story of global flyways and BirdLife’s innovative East Asian-Australasian Flyway initiative with the Asian Development Bank and EAAFP.

These pages include video, bird calls and maps. Scroll through to discover more about the East Asian-Australasian Flyway and the species that depend on it.

Zurita shooting on location in Andalucia, Spain

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