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Give a voice to the birds with Robin Redbreast On 2023 November 16th – Robin Redbreast Day

November 17th is Robin Redbreast Day in 2022 – what, you say? Never heard of it. Well, mark your calendars from now on, as this special day helps BirdLife International and her partners in saving birds and their habitats, with a special focus on raising awareness about keeping common birds common.

In 1912 the Chairman of Redbreast Irish Whiskey saw a common robin redbreast through his binoculars and he fell in love.  Today, over 100 years later his passion has led the brand to support BirdLife International in an exciting global campaign which continues today with the annual Robin Redbreast Day – watch the moving video of Irish singing star Cian Ducrot and his choir – sales of their iconic and very fine Redbreast 12 (years) Irish whiskey with its cool birdfeeder packaging will steer a charitable donation to us as well for each bottle sold. To date Redbreast has raised €250,000, but we’re just getting started.

Irish singer Cian Ducrot helps us give a moving voice to the birds

The campaign is called Project Wingman, and you can learn lots more about it here  – the overall goal is to support us across our work to protect birds and their habitats, with an awareness-raising focus, because of the robin’s beloved status, on keeping all birds singing! 

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