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Desertas Petrel (Pterodroma deserta) ©Agami Photo Agency

Secluded seabird haven discovered in the North Atlantic soon to become a Marine Protected Area

Fri, 24/09/2021

Right now, 15 governments and the EU are working towards designating a Marine Protected

Swan on Chiemsee, Germany. Photo by Travis Blessing

What gives you hope for the future?

Thu, 23/09/2021
As you probably know all too well, the struggle to protect nature can be disheartenin
Tony Wood, Former President and Vice-President of BirdLife Zimbabwe

A Tribute to Tony Wood, Former President and Vice-President of BirdLife Zimbabwe

Mon, 20/09/2021

It is with heavy hearts that we honour and say good-bye to

Eurasian Skylark by Bob Brewer

French President Macron wants to allow trapping of 110,000+ wild birds

Thu, 16/09/2021
Terrible news for wild birds in France: President Emmanuel Macron has just re-authorised horrific bird trapping practices which only have their place in history books. BirdLife’s French Partner, LPO, reports.
PONT and CEPF Med RIT team meeting in Tirana - © Olivier Langrand, CEPF

PONT-CEPF partnership for conservation effectiveness

Wed, 15/09/2021
What started as a joint call for proposals for small grants for the Wider Prespa Area has evolved over the past three years into a co-financing, knowledge-sharing and learning partnership between the Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT) and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).
The BirdLife delegation included national Partners from 14 countries

BirdLife at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

Mon, 13/09/2021
Despite the ongoing COVID pandemic, amid the escalating climate and biodiversity emergencies, BirdLife CEO Patricia Zurita led a small policy delegation to the just-closed International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in Marseille.

Seabird of the month: Arctic Loon/Black-throated Diver (Gavia arctica)

Mon, 06/09/2021
The Arctic Loon is frequently bycaught in the Baltic Sea, but also occasionally in the Mediterranean Sea. Our Partners are working on projects to tackle seabird and multi-taxa bycatch.
The Common Cuckoo prefers to let other birds do hard work © Vladimir Turkenich / Shutterstock

Here’s how 7 iconic migratory bird species spent the spring & summer

Wed, 01/09/2021
Digging metre-long tunnels, luring away predators, stealing other bird’s nests… the breeding season is never dull for these seven bird species, which are now leaving Europe for the warmer climate of Africa.