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GlobalBirdfair 2024

Supporting Galala Bird Observatory – An Egyptian Hotspot for Migratory Raptors

It’s almost time for Global Birdfair

This is your official invitation to start preparing for the bird event of the year! Not only will you be surrounded by the most passionate and knowledgeable bird enthusiasts around, you will also be saving birds too!

This year, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with Global Birdfair with all of your generous donations and contributions through ticket sales going directly to create a landmark bird observatory in Galala, Egypt. This marvellous migratory bird heaven must be celebrated and protected to ensure the hundreds of thousands of raptors that cross through this region have safe passage during migration.

Our BirdLife Partner, Nature Conservation Egypt, will be leading the way with the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment who have allocated 6000m2 site for the observatory on Galala Mountain.

During a six-week period at Galala Mountain in Spring 2023, observers from Nature Conservation Egypt counted an astonishingly high number (380,000) and diverse range of species, including 1,300 Egyptian Vulture, 35,000 Steppe Eagle and Lesser Spotted Eagle, 200,000 Steppe Buzzard, and 52,000 White Stork.

With many of these species on the endangered species list and facing the ever growing threat from collision with energy infrastructure, the Galala bird observatory will inspire, educate and raise awareness about why protecting these birds is so important.

Don’t miss out! Global Birdfair will be held on 12, 13 & 14 July 2024 at Lyndon Top, LE15 8RN. Click here to book your tickets today and find out more information about the event here.

Cover Image: Egyptian Vulture©Alex7370/Shutterstock. Video: Birds circling in Galala © Ben Jobson

Creating Brighter Futures

With such close proximity to Galala University, this migratory hotspot is already inspiring our next generation of birdwatchers. In partnership with OSME, Nature Conservation Egypt have been running training courses, ensuring that this special place remains protected for generations to come.

I am very grateful for the chance to take part in the Raptor Identification Training program offered by Nature Conservation Egypt. It was an eye-opening and life-changing experience that greatly expanded my knowledge of these amazing creatures and stoked my already-present love for animal protection. My motivation to learn more about this amazing species and take part in NCE activities in the future has been sparked by this training.” 

Ahmed Hany , Student Faculty of basic science (Biotechnology), Level 2 ,Galala University

It was an incredibly thrilling and empowering experience that equipped me with the confidence and knowledge to dive into the world of bird conservation. We had the incredible opportunity to engage in real bird monitoring in the breathtaking landscapes of Egypt, where we soared alongside these majestic creatures and interacted with passionate stakeholders who shared our love for avian conservation.

Aisha Al-Morsi, Environmental Researcher & Lawyer
© Nature Conservation Egypt

You can ensure their survival

Keep Galala as a haven for migratory birds