Europe and Central Asia
08 Jul 2020

Why we desperately need space for nature on farms

The single, most dramatic cause for the loss of biodiversity, species and natural habitats in Europe is intensive agriculture.
01 Jul 2020

Fish Tales – Episode 5: Hasan from Izmir

"My name is Hasan. I live in Izmir, Turkey. I’m 49 years old and I've been a fisherman for over 35 years.”   Being a fisher. Caring for nature.  
19 Jun 2020

Science isn’t negotiable: Environment MEPs break off CAP negotiations with

It’s over. The gulf was just too wide. On 10 June, the MEPs from the Environment Committee (COMENVI) broke off negotiations with their counterparts in the Agriculture Committee (COMAGRI) on the upcoming vote on the Common Agricultural Policy.
19 Jun 2020

Victory: destructive Biscarrués dam will not be built

After a legal battle spanning nearly three decades, the Spanish supreme court has finally prohibited the construction of the destructive Biscarrués dam and reservoir.
Prespa Trout © Ljubomir Stefanov
18 Jun 2020

Plan of action for Prespa Trout now in the pipeline

Thanks to a grant from Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, conservationists in North Macedonia can begin working on a plan to save the Endangered Prespa Trout from extinction.
White Tailed Eagle © Jaroslav Pap courtesy of Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia

Shot and left for dead: help us put an end to this persecution.

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Who we are

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What we do

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