Europe and Central Asia
9 May 2012

Environment Committee sets the bar for an ambitious Fisheries reform

By BirdLife Europe

On 8th May, the European Parliament's Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Safety has adopted a strong and progressive opinion on the Common Fisheries Policy reform. BirdLife Europe praises the members of the Committee for their strong stand on the CFP reform.

Birdlife Europe welcomes in particular the commitment to restore fish populations above sustainable levels (known as the maximum sustainable yield) by 2015 and to improve the environmental standards of fishing to achieve healthy seas by 2020. Also crucial are the provisions aiming to match the EU fleet with available fish resources, while setting conditions for shifting the fleet towards sustainability through introducting the principle that the most sustainable operations have preferential access to fishing. 

The current CFP has failed to rebuild fish stocks, reduce excessive fleet capacity and halt overfishing, while inflicting widespread collateral damage on the marine environment. At the same time, the CFP has failed to prevent the needless deaths of 200,000 seabirds per year as bycatch in EU fisheries. 

The Parliament’s Fisheries Committee (the lead committee) is due to vote in early July and the plenary vote is in early September. BirdLife Europe calls on all MEPs to match the ambition of the Environment Committee. That’s the only way to ensure recovery of the well-being of our seas and those who depend on them. For more information, please contact Tatiana Nemcova, Senior EU Advocacy Officer at BirdLife Europe

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