Europe and Central Asia
Ulcinj Salina is a key habitat for the Greater Flamingo
20 Jun 2018

Save Salina: hotel complex threatens waterbird paradise

Ulcinj Salina is a traditional salt pan whose shallow waters feed and support more than 250 bird species. However, recent proposals to build a large-scale tourism resort threaten to obliterate it.
11 Jun 2018

Turtles at mercy in European waters

Entanglement in fisheries is killing hundreds of thousands of marine turtles around the globe each year.
11 Jun 2018

Reversing the skylark's decline in Sweden

Over the last 40 years, Europe’s skylarks have suffered a 50% decline due to the intensification of agriculture. In Sweden, this figure jumps to a staggering 75%.
04 Jun 2018

CAP overhaul in Bulgaria could serve both farmers and nature, study says

At a workshop with politicians, farmers and NGOs, the German BirdLife-Partner NABU and the Bulgarian BirdLife-Partner BSPB presented
31 May 2018

Brexit and the future of food and farming

On the eve of the publication of the European Commission’s hotly anticipated – and debated – proposal on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post-2020, Harriet Bradley looks across the Channel and assesses what impact Brexit may hold for the future of food and farming.
White Tailed Eagle © Jaroslav Pap courtesy of Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia

Shot and left for dead: help us put an end to this persecution.

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