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Imagine a world where the sky is empty of enchanting melodies. This haunting vision is rapidly becoming a reality, as one in eight bird species face extinction. Illegal bird killing is one of the factors driving these extinctions.

With one in eight bird species facing extinction, we must tackle the causes. Illegal bird killing is one of the factors driving these extinctions.

In a not-so-distant memory, the Yellow-breasted Bunting was one of the most abundant birds in Northern Europe and Asia.

But on their migration, they are hunted in massive numbers for food.

Despite laws being in place to prevent this, hunting for the black market continues for the meat prized as a traditional delicacy. The impact of illegal killing has been devastating for the Yellow-breasted Bunting. The population has plummeted by a staggering 90% in three short decades.

With your support, BirdLife and our Partners are raising awareness about illegal killing, so individuals understand their role in preserving biodiversity.

By working with law enforcement, we can shield vulnerable birds. And by working with communities, we can rally together to defend threatened species.

Will you stand against illegal killing and donate today to secure a brighter future?

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Imagine a world where communities not only cherish and protect species but enforce laws robustly to save them.

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