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Fight the odds

Do it for the birds: give a lifeline to nature’s melody and help us ensure our feathered friends continue to sing, fly and keep our world in balance for generations to come.

Threatened species can be saved but they need our help.

For example, between 1994 and 2004, an estimated 16 bird species would have gone extinct were it not for conservation programmes that tackled their threats, reduced rates of population decline and/or increased population sizes.

Action is urgently required for many more species.

The Spoon-billed Sandpiper, affectionately referred to by the team as ‘Spoonie’, is the rarest shorebird in the world. With less than 500 adults left, this charismatic species would already be Extinct without the intervention of BirdLife and the EAAFP’s Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force.

Donations like yours are vital. You not only help fund the work with our Partners on the ground, training local people and forging local partnerships to protect threatened species, but also fund BirdLife’s important work saving species across continents – because birds no borders.

Your support will not only help Spoonie – but also the Endangered Far Eastern Curlew, Spotted Greenshank and others, who overwinter on wetlands in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and Vietnam to benefit from the rich feeding grounds there, getting themselves in peak condition ready for another summer.

Shorebirds face illegal hunting, unsustainable fishing, and habitat destruction across their wintering sites in Asia. You can help save them by working with us and donating where you can.

Donate today

£ 5
Could pay for one day’s rations for a ranger on patrol
£ 10
Could support one day’s expenses for a team on patrol
£ 20
Could pay for the cost of important community outreach, preparing conservation and training material for one field visit
£ 50
Could pay for travel costs for a trip to vital habitat
£ 100
Could organise a day of patrol and field surveys to protect and record birds
£ 350
Could organise conservation training for local people
£ 750
Could coordinate 5 days of field surveys by land and boat for threatened shorebirds like Spoonie

How BirdLife are helping

We are working

  • to identify the most important sites for migratory species
  • with local people and the government to set up new protected areas
  • to build stronger awareness of wetlands and their biodiversity
  • strengthen enforcement to address the illegal hunting of birds at sensitive sites
  • with our Partners on the ground, like BANCA in Myanmar, who need funds to travel to rural coastal areas, such as the Gulf of Mottama, the ‘winter crown jewel’ for Spoonies. They will give training to local people, forge local partnerships, and build the strength of these groups up so that as many as possible can protect the Spoonies and this amazing habitat that they call home during the winter.
Spoon-billed Sandpiper chicks © Pavel Tomkovich, Banner image credit © Yann Muzika

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